How can I customize my Chat Window?

Chat Window is the window on which your visitors chat with your agents. It is fully customizable. You can tailor the window and make it match the style of your website.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into your Comm100 account.

  2. Find Chat Window under the Campaign menu.

  3. You can choose Colour for the window, set chat window Header, choose chat window Style (Classic, Circle or Bubble), change window Type (Popup or Embedded Chat Window), Change the chat window Background and edit Window Title according to your needs.

    Note: To set up the chat window Title, you need to use Popup Chat Window type. If you have multiple campaigns, you should choose the right one from the top right dropdown list.

  4. Click Options for Visitors to adjust which operation(s) will be available on the chat window.

  5. Click Save Changes.

After saving the changes will take effect automatically and immediately. You can go to your website and initiate a chat to see how the settings work to your satisfaction.

Check out this video tutorial here.