What types of interactions from Facebook and Twitter can be integrated with Comm100?

Comm100’s Social Media Integration allows your live chat agents to connect with visitors from your Facebook Page and Twitter Account. You can reply to visitors’ comments on your posts, answer questions and chat with them directly through the Comm100 Agent Console – allowing you to distribute and handle social media queries within a defined workflow.

Our social media integration allows a variety of interaction types to be created as new work items, or conversations, within your Agent Console. The types of interactions from Facebook and Twitter that can be integrated into Comm100 as conversations include:

  1. Facebook Message
    When your customer is visiting your integrated Facebook Page, they can send private Facebook messages directly to you. Your agents will be alerted to these messages within their Agent Console.
  2. Facebook Visitors Post
    Visitors can post directly to your Facebook wall on your integrated Facebook page, if your Facebook settings permit them to do so. Any wall posts appear instantly as conversations within the Agent Console.
  3. Facebook Wall Post
    When you post a message to your Facebook wall, any visitor replies to that message are generated as conversations within the Agent Console.
  4. Twitter Tweet
    Whenever your visitors create a new Tweet and mention your integrated Twitter account, comment on or reply to your Tweet, or @ mention you in any other scenario, these tweets will generate a new conversation. Your agent can check and reply to them via Comm100’s Agent Console.
  5. Twitter Direct Message
    Direct Messages are private Twitter messages which you and visitors can use to have private conversations. Comm100’s Agent Console will receive Direct Messages from your integrated Twitter account.
    Note: When setting up the Social Media Integration, you can also select what types of interactions should be created as new conversations within your Agent Console.