Comm100 X Upgrade - Domain Changes


Comm100 X is a new and improved platform that provides you with various new capabilities. It allowyour agents and managers to deliver more reliable services to your visitors. 

Upgrading to Comm100 X comes with: 

  • New added features and UI changes 
  • Domain changes in your hosting application 
  • Reset and reconnection of existing Live Chat integrations and Social/SMS channel accounts 
  • Configuration of Agent and Visitor Single Sign-On  

To know more about new features and UI changes, see Comm100 X Upgrade – Added Features and UI changes.


Domain changes 

Note: If you have firewalls or any security applications configured to allow requests made to and from specific domains, contact your IT team and ask to reconfigure it. 

Once you have successfully upgraded to the Comm100 X platform, you can notice changes in the domain of the Comm100 application 

When you log in to the control panel, check for a change in the domain in the URL. The new domain depends on your original domain.  

For example, if you are using, your domain changes to after the upgrade.



 After a successful upgrade, you’ll notice changes in the domain as: 

Your Original Old Domain 

Your New Comm100 X Domain