Comm100 X Upgrade - Integration Reconfiguration


Comm100 X is a new and improved platform that provides you with various new capabilities. It allowyour agents and managers to deliver more reliable services to your visitors. 

To know more about new features and UI changes see Comm100 X Upgrade – Added Features and UI changes.


Integration changes 

Comm100 provides you with various integrations, like Shopify, Zendesk, Salesforce, Zapier, and so forth in your Live Chat channel. It also allows you to connect with your Social and SMS channel accounts. 

If you are currently using Comm100’s Shopify, Zapier, or Salesforce integration, you will need to reset it after upgrade to the new Comm100 X platform.


You will also need to reset or reconnect your Social channels, like WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, and SMS. 

Note: Any other integrations that you are using remain unaffected, and you can use them without reconnecting after successful upgrade.