Agent Assist Feature Guide

This Guide introduces you to the essential functionalities needed to get you started with Comm100 Agent Assist. Work through each section's steps, decide what you require for your business, and configure the Agent Assist accordingly. You are ready to launch after you have worked through the guide.  

You can set up and control the operations of Agent Assist from the Control Panel. The Control Panel allows you to work with the different functionalities of Agent Assist. This guide helps you perform the initial setup of your account to start using the Agent Assist features. 

To get started quickly with Agent Assist, you need to do the following.


Setting up Agent Assist  

Use the Agent Assist feature to receive suggestions related to the visitors’ questions from your content resources. It provides virtual assistance to the support team while handling the chats.

To know more about the setting process of Agent Assist, see this article.


Adding Synonyms  

You can add similar words or synonyms for a keyword so that Agent Assist understands the intent if asked using different keywords by the visitor. 

To know more about Synonyms, see Adding Synonyms section in this article.


Evolving the Agent Assist using Learning  

Agent Assist learns and evolves continuously with the addition of new questions or content.  

You can add new content (Knowledge Base, Canned Message, and Bot Intents) for the visitor questions in the Learning portal by clicking the   icon under the Operation column.  

You can also add a question to the list of Similar Questions in the content resource by clicking the Add as Similar Questions button under the Operation column. 

To know more about Agent Assist Learning, see this article.