How to Use a Third-Party Chatbot?


You can use a third-party Chatbot, and manage its deployment using Comm100. You can integrate it using Webhooks and deploy it over Live Chat and social messaging channels. 


Using a third-party Chatbot 

To use a third-party Chatbot, follow these steps: 

  1. Create the Chatbot: 
    1. Login to your Comm100 account. 
    2. In the top navigation bar, click the Bottab. 
    3. From the left menu, go to AI Chatbots > Bots. 
    4. In the Bots page, click New Bot. 
      New Bot pop-up displays. 
    5. From the Bot Engine drop-down list, select Third-Party Bot 
    6. Enter the bot name. 
    7. Enter the Webhook target URL. 
    8. Click OK. 
  2. Configure Chatbot settings: 
    1. In the bot list areaclick the Pencil icon against the newly-created bot. 
      A page refreshes to the AI Chatbot > Settings page. 
    2. Update bot name.  
    3. Select supporting channels. 
    4. Upload new avatar.  
    5. Update the Webhook target URL. 
    6. Click Save Changes. 
  3. Enable the Chatbot for different channels. Link the bot to any Live Chat campaign or configure it for social messaging channels from the Ticketing & Messaging tab. 

How does the third-party Chatbot work? 

Comm100 sends information for the following events via Webhooks: 

  • Chat joined 
  • Questions asked 
  • Intents clicked 
  • Location shared 
  • Form submitted 

The third-party Chatbot then processes the data using its bot engine and sends a response to Comm100. An answer displays as a response to your visitors. The data format type of the request and response is JSON.  

To know more about the request and response data format, and related objects, see Third-Party Bot Connection Guide