Can I have my own branding image in the visitor side windows?


You can put your own branding image (logo) in the visitor side windows including Chat WindowOffline Message Window and Pre-Chat Window.

  • Chat Window is used by visitors to chat with your customer service representatives.
  • Offline Message Window is used for your website visitors to leave an offline message when the status of a chat button is offline.
  • Pre-Chat window is a window where your visitors need to enter their information before initiating a chat request. It enables agents to know more about visitors before accepting their chats.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log into your Comm100 account.

2. Click Campaign at the left menu.

3. Click Chat Window.

4. Go to Choose Header section to change the branding image.

5. You can select one branding image from our gallery or click on From My Computer to upload your own image.

    Note: The suggested size of your custom branding image is 540px*84px.

6. Click Save Changes.

Now you have successfully put the branding image onto the chat window. The new setting will take effect on pre-chat window and offline message window automatically and immediately. You can refresh your website and then click the chat button to see how the setting works to your satisfactions.