Agent Assist Learning


Agent Assist learns by detecting the queries that remain unanswered, unrecognized, and flagged by the Agents. It receives and identifies the answers with the lower confidence score and the suggestions marked by the agents in its learning section and gets trained on it. 


How does Agent Assist Learning work?

Agent Assist learning works by identifying and learning the new question-answer pairs and provide suggestions with a higher confidence score. It learns in the following ways:

  1. Agents add the customer’s questions into the learning section and associate them with the matching content in the help resources, thus forming and ingesting question-answer pairs for providing quick and accurate suggestions.
  2. Agents manually group the visitor’s questions as similar questions based on the suggestions from the knowledge base and canned messages.
  3. When no match is found for the visitor’s questions, Agent Assist automatically adds those questions to its Learning section. Then, the answers to these questions are added manually in the help resources to present it whenever the same question is asked.

The Agent Assist Learning module continuously improves by analyzing the conversations and actions taking place in the system. The more you train, the better and more accurate it becomes.


Configuring Agent Assist Learning 

To configure the Agent Assist Learning, follow these steps:

  1. As an agent, in the Agent Consoledo the following during chats: 
    From the Live Chat tab, hover your cursor on the visitor’s question, and click the ( ) icon
    The question is added to the Agent Assist Learning page. 
    Note: The unrecognized visitor questions are added automatically to the Agent Assist Learning page. To enable this feature, select the Automatically add unrecognized visitor questions to the Agent Assist Learning section checkbox under Bot > Agent Assist > General Settings > Options.
  2. On the Control Panel, navigate to Bot > Agent Assist > Learning.
    You can find the added questions in the Visitor Question column of the questions list area.
    Note: You can filter the list of questions by selecting a duration from the drop-down list. You can also search specific questions by using the search Keywords functionality.
  3. Do any of the following actions from the Operation column of the questions list area.
    • Add the question to any of the help resource, such as Knowledge Bases, AI Chatbots, and Public Canned Messages.
    • Add the question as Similar questions to the list of similar questions for the existing answers in Knowledge Bases, AI Chatbots, or Public Canned Messages.
    • Delete the question.

Note: You can perform similar actions from the toolbar on multiple questions by selecting their corresponding checkboxes.