How to create Comm100 AI Chatbot

Comm100 allows you to create a chatbot using our in-house Bot Engine. You can either use our in-house Bot Engine or use your Third-party Bot while creating a chatbot.

To create a Comm100 Chatbot, follow these steps:

  1. Create the Chatbot:
    1. Log in to your Comm100 account.
    2. In the top navigation bar, click the Bot tab.  
    3. From the left menu,go to AI Chatbots > Bots. 
    4. Click New Bot. 
      The New Bot pop-up appears. 
    5. From the Bot Engine drop-down list, select Comm100. 
    6. Type a name. 
    7. From the Language drop-down. Select a language of your choice.  
    8. Click OK. 
  2. Configure Chatbot settings: 
    1. In the bot list area, click the Pencil icon against the newly-created bot.  
    2. A page refreshes to the AI Chatbot > Settings page.  
    3. Update bot name.   
    4. Select supporting channels.  
    5. Upload a new avatar.   
    6. Click Save Changes.  
  3. Enable the Chatbot for different channels. Link the bot to any Live Chat Campaign or configure it for social messaging channels from the Ticketing & Messaging tab. 

Click the Export or Import icons to export or import a chatbot.  
Click the X icon to delete a Chatbot.

Note: You can create up to three Comm100 AI Chatbot. Contact if you wish to create more than three bots.