How to Understand Agent Assist Score

Agent Assist uses a scoring system to match visitor questions with existing help resources (KBCanned messages & AI Chatbot Intents). The Score can be adjusted within a range of 0 to 100. When a question is asked, Agent Assist will calculate the matching Score based on how confident it is that a help resource is relevant to the question. It will then suggest the resources with the highest scores as possible responses to the question.

Agent Assist will only provide suggestions if it finds resources which meet the minimum score threshold, which can be set within the Control Panel. Agent Assist can display up to 5 suggestions per question, though this number can also be set, provided they also receive high enough matching scores.

For example, if you set the score to 50 and 3 suggestions, Agent Bot will show the top 3 suggestions with the score is higher than 50.

Setting a higher score threshold means that Agent Assist will interpret conversations more narrowly and only make suggestions when it is very confident that a resource is relevant. It is recommended that as your pool of help resources grows, that you slowly raise your score threshold.