Where to download Comm100 Live Chat Desktop app?

Comm100 Live Chat Desktop App works on platforms including Windows and Mac. Compared to Web App, it provides additional features, such as displaying pop-up alerts, automatically launching when computer starts, etc.

Note: We no longer support old version(8.4.0 or older) Live Chat Desktop App which is based on Adobe Air. Please make sure you install the latest version from our website.

To download Comm100 Live Chat Desktop App, please follow the below instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open this link: ​www.comm100.com/platform/livechat/agent-experience/agent-console/ and you can see that Desktop App are available for Windows platform and macOS platform.
  2. Click on the icon based on your current operating system, and Comm100 Live Chat Desktop App will start downloading automatically for you.
  3. Double click on the downloaded installation file and get started with the installation. Once you have installed Comm100 Live Chat Desktop App, you will have below icon on your desktop.

Now, you can launch this application and sign in with your email and password.