How to install Comm100 Live Chat Android App

Comm100 Live Chat Android App enables you to run Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor on your Android devices, thus you can take chats and engage your clients while on the go.

You need to add a Google account into your Android devices as Comm100 Live Chat Android App is integrated with Google Push Notification. If you switch to other apps or your screen goes to the power-saving mode, Comm100 Live Chat Android App will run in the background and a notification will be pushed to your Android device whenever you get a new chat request or response.

Note: Comm100 Live Chat Android App is not available in Comm100 Live Chat Express Edition. If you are using Comm100 Live Chat Express Edition in your account, you need to upgrade to Comm100 Live Chat Team or Business Edition first.

If your live chat on private deployment, you need to download the Andriod app from your own account with a dedicated download link. In case you have any problem with that, please Chat with us.

System Requirements for Android App

Android 4.1 or above.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Add a Google account into your Android device to enable the Sync services;
  2. To add a Google account, please click the following menus in your Android device: Menu >> Settings >> Accounts & Sync >> Add account >> Google
  3. Install Comm100 Live Chat Android app;
  4. You can install the app in Google Play Store by searching for Comm100 Live Chat or install online at
  5. Log into the app and set for how long you will stay logged in when the Android App runs in the background.
  6. Log into the Android App and then click Menu >> Preference >> Stay Logged in to select a proper time period option according to your needs.

Now you’re set and you can monitor or chat with your website visitors while you’re on the go.