Where can I see agent’s Title and Bio?

Comm100 allows you to add your agents’ Title and Bio information and have them display in the Header of the Chat Window. It provides a quick overview of agents’ job responsibilities, level of job, experience, or expertise etc., which helps deliver a better customer experience when they are chatting with your agents.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Fill in Title and Bio info
    To show agent’s Title and Bio, you need to fill in required Agent information first. You can do it when editing an agent or adding an agent in your Comm100 account.
  2. Enable Agent Info in Chat Window Header
    In Live Chat portal, please go to menu Campaign > Chat Window, select the Agent Infoin the Header setting and enable the Title and Bio as well. Note that the Header is not available when using the Bubble style Chat Window.
  3. Title and Bio info in the Chat Window
    After a chat request is accepted by your agent, the agent’s Title and Bio info will be displayed directly to your visitors.