Why do I get the error “Email or password is wrong” when trying to log into Comm100 Live Chat?


When trying to log into the Comm100 Control Panel, Agent Console Web/Desktop App, or mobile App, it shows an error reading “Email or password is wrong”.


  1. An incorrect email or password has been entered.
  2. You are signing into the Control Panel from an incorrect website address.
  3. You are trying to log into the Agent Console (Visitor Monitor) with an incorrect App.
  4. Your account no longer exists.


  1. Make sure you are using the correct email and password. 
  2. If your live chat system is hosted on our cloud server, please click here to log in.
    Note: Private and on-premise accounts have their own specified live chat domain
    https://livechat.yourcompany.com/chatserver or

    replace the server address with your own one.
  3. Use the correct Agent Console App. 

    For Cloud Server clients, click here to log into the Web Version agent console. Click here to download the Desktop App. Mobile apps can be found in Google Play or Apple App Store.

    If you are hosted on a Private/On-premise Server, the apps should be downloaded from your Control Panel.