How to start accepting chats?

As an agent, it is easy for you to start accepting chats with Comm100 Live Chat. Before you can start accepting chats, your system admin needs to get the live chat code and then paste the code onto your website. To learn more on how to install the Comm100 Live Chatplease see How to install Comm100 Live Chat? 

After the admin pastes the code, a chat button appears on the website, and you can chat with the visitors in the Agent Console window.


Step by Step Instructions  

To start accepting chats, please follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your Comm100 Control Panel. 
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the Live Chat tab. 
  3. From the left menu, click Get Online & Chat.

    The Comm100 Agent Console window will appear. 
    Once you have opened the Agent Console from this area, you can save the URL to your bookmarks for easier access in the future.  
    Note: The Agent Console is where you can monitor your on-site visitors [for admins only]answer visitors’ chat requests, and collaborate with other agents. 
  4. In the Visitors tab, you will see all the visitors who are browsing on the areas of your website where the Comm100 Live Chat code has been implemented.
  5. Click the Details link in the Visitor tab, and you’ll see detailed information, including Location, Segment, Current Browsing, History, etc. 
  6. Open the website that contains the live chat code and click the chat button to initiate a chat request.  
    In the meanwhile, you’ll see a visitor waiting for chat in the Live Chat tab of the Agent Console. To answer the chat, click Accept. 
  7. When the chat gets started, on the visitor side, you’ll see a message reading the agent has joined the chat. Visitors can now type and send chat messages (by pressing the Enter key or clicking the send icon). 
  8. After you send a message on the visitor side, the message will appear in the Agent Console window. You can then respond by typing a message and pressing the Enter key or clicking the Send button.
  9. During or after the chat session, you can categorize and add notes to each chat in the Wrap-up panel to easily manage and retrieve a certain type of chats for reviewing, training, and other purposes.