How do I access the messages from each channel within Ticketing & Messaging?

You can create multiple Views to quickly locate messages from certain channels based on predefined conditions. The Filters help you narrow down the tickets you are looking for.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log in to Agent Console and go to the Ticketing & Messaging tab.

    Tickets from all your integrated channels can be found under All within the Views column, but you can also create custom Views to organize your inbox into meaningful categories.
  2. To create a custom Filter click the Manage Views icon.
  3. Give your View a name and choose the source of the message as the condition. For example, When First Message Channel Is SMS the filter will show all tickets created from the SMS Channel.

    Note: If you uncheck the If Public field, the Filter can be only accessed by the agent who creates it. A Public Filter will be available for all agents.
  4. Save the configuration.
  5. If you have more than one Channel Integrated, create filters for messages/tickets from other Channels.
  6. Click on the move down or move up icons to reorder the Filters. You can remove existing Filters or edit them when necessary in the options displayed next to each condition.