What are the requirements for the Chatbot Intents to be imported?

Intents are the purposes or goals that a user wants to use a chatbot for, such as booking a flight, paying a bill, or finding a news article. To help you quickly create your own chatbot questions base, you can import your own prepared Questions and Answers.

On the Import Intents page, you can download and check the sample file before importing Intents.

Detailed requirements:

  • Supported File Format: XLS, XLSX and CSV.
  • Max File Size: 1MB.
  • Max intents: 1000.
  • Intent Name: Must be less than 50 characters.
  • Category: For the root category path, you can define it using a single slash /. For example, if the Intent belongs to Category Small Talk, the category should be defined as /Small Talk.
  • Visitors Question Variations for same Intent: There can be many Question variations for a particular Intent. Make sure you separate them with a single vertical bar |. Similar question variations for the same intent would be: ‘What is the weather today?’ | ‘What is the temperature for today?’
  • Response: Each response must not be empty. Only text and URL are allowed.

Note: If Delete all existing Intents is enabled, the importing action will OVERWRITE ALL your existing Intents. If not enabled, your Intents, which have different Names as existing Intents, will be imported as the new one. If the Intent Name is the same as the existing one, but the Visitors Questions are different, questions will be imported into the corresponding Intent.

Now get started in importing your chatbot’s Intents! Chat With Us if you need any further assistance.