What is Comm100 Live Chat about?

Comm100 Live Chat is the enterprise-grade live chat software for website. It supports both hosted and on-premises deployments. Comm100 live chat software allows your website visitors to chat live with your customer support and sales representatives and have their questions answered instantly.

Comm100 live chat software promotes your sales, reduces operating costs and increases your customer satisfaction.

Comm100 Live Chat is powerful yet easy to use. It only takes you a few minutes to get started.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Go to https://www.comm100.com/platform/livechat/ and sign up for an account with us and try the Live Chat for free.
  2. Log into your account, go to Installation under Campaign from your Live Chat portal, get the chat code and then paste it onto your website.

    Note: After the code is successfully installed, a chat button will appear on your website. Visitors can now click on the chat button to chat with you when you are online or leave you messages when you are offline.
  3. Get online and chat now.


  • If you want to customize your chat, click Campaign and follow through the instructions. Please be aware that you don’t need to re-paste the code after you finish the customization.
  • You can take chats on the go – Comm100 offers you the Live Chat program for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android.