Introducing Comm100’s Live Chat Report API

What is Comm100’s Live Chat Report API?

Comm100’s Live Chat Report API allows you to pull raw report data from Comm100 Live Chat into your own systems, so you can create custom and on-demand reports in Excel or your business intelligence platform.

With our Report API, you can extract all live chat reporting data to other systems. This can be used to:

  • Create custom reports as per your requirements.
  • Store report data offline or outside of the Comm100 platform.
  • Integrate into other third-party systems for data insights, and more.

How Do I Get the Report API?

The Report API is part of our RESTful API. There is no extra cost to use the Report API, but you need to be using the Enterprise edition of Comm100.

Some technical knowledge is required to implement the APIs. Read our API Help Guide to learn more.