Can I get all my website visitors’ contact history?

Yes. All visitors’ contact histories are available for you.

Contact History is the record of navigation, offline message and chat history of a certain visitor. Contact history of a visitor is recorded and stored on Comm100 server. You can view a specific visitor’s contact history during the chat or after the chat (click here to learn more). Here is the information available to you:

  • General information : Latest Name, Email, IP, GEO information, referrer, landing page, the search engine and search keywords the visitor used to search for your site, operating system, browser, flash version and so on.
  • Transcripts of chats between the visitor and your agents
  • Offline messages that visitors have sent to you
  • Navigation history of the visitor
  • Title & URL of the pages that your visitors have visited during a visit session and the time when the visitor landed on each page.