How to add Comm100 Live Chat onto an Ansak Stores site?

Comm100 Live Chat is well supported in Ansak Stores. It is easy to add Comm100 Live Chat onto an Ansak Stores site.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into the Administration Panel of your Ansak Stores and then click Page Management.
  2. Add a new page (e.g Comm100 Live Chat).
  3. Input the TitleExtended Header and then click the HTML icon in red rectangle. After pasting the live chat code (With JavaScript) into the HTML Source Editor, click Update.

    Note: Do not change the live chat code when pasting it into the HTML Source Editor. 
  4. After saving the newly created page, you can see a page named Comm100 Live Chat.
  5. Comm100 Live Chat button will appear on your Ansak Store site.