How to quickly send out canned messages during chat sessions?

canned message is a pre-defined message, usually created for greetings, frequently asked questions and more. Using canned messages enables agents to save strength repetitively typing the same answers, and thus improves chat efficiency.

Comm100 Live Chat allows you to locate canned messages by category, search keyword and shortcut. Follow the instructions below to learn how to quickly send out a canned message during chat sessions.

Locate Canned Messages by Category

  1. Click Canned tab in the right section.
  2. Click on the category the message belongs to and locate the message.
  3. Double click on the message to send it out to the visitor.

    If you need to edit the canned message before sending it out, please click the canned message, then it will show in your chat window where you can edit it.

Locate Canned Messages by Search Keyword

  1. Type in the keywords in the Search box to bring up the message.
  2. Double click on the message to directly send it out or click on the message to edit it in the typing area before sending it out.

Locate Canned Messages by Shortcut

  1. Type the pound key (#) plus the shortcut in your chatting area to bring up your canned message.
  2. Click on the located canned message, or press the Tab or Enter key on your keyboard to insert the message to your typing area.
  3. Send the message out, or modify the message to make it more personal before it reaches your visitor.For more details about how to use Comm100 Live Chat canned message shortcuts, please click here to read on.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.